Chairman's Message

Imparting education to children is a very challenging and fulfilling experience. At MVM our goal is not just to impart education but to develop and build the future generation of this country. Our focus is not purely on academics and getting 100% in exams. We want our students to be part of a journey at MVM that will take them through a learning process, impart them with values of being good human beings that will stay with them through their life. We want to provoke and inspire their own ability to think, create a vision and execute their own plan for their life. The MVM ecosystem is meant to support the children in this journey of their life. We are very conscious of the fact that children will spend 10-15 years of life in the very formative age with MVM and the school can be the biggest influence in their lives, apart from their parents. It's a responsibility that we are very mindful of and try our best to make the most of the opportunity. The infrastructure that we provide to your children at MVM is the very best including smart boards, access to the latest technology, labs and so on. We are continuously striving to give your children exposure to various activities, competitions, visits to various events outside our campus as well so that the children can benchmark themselves against the outside world and understand how they will fit in the real world. The school will always be an enabler to your child's development. In your child's development, parents are the most important participant and we urge you to participate, encourage and support the school effort and lead in creating an ecosystem around your child so that they have the best environment to express themselves. We encourage every child must participate in at least one activity apart from academics. It could be sports, something to do with science, elocution, drama, dance, art and anything else. The opportunities for all these exist in the campus. If the opportunities don't exist today we will facilitate it through our partners or strive to get access to such activities. Parents please encourage and support your child in participate in such activities. Our teachers and staff are the backbone of our institution and they are always striving to work towards your child's development. All our teachers are very experienced and trained in their respective domains. Trust their judgement with respect to the development of your child. They spend a lot of time with your child daily and have as intimate knowledge of your child's strengths and weakness. Please follow their guidance and support them in shaping your child's future. Wishing the students, teachers, parents, staff and our well wishers all the very best always in their lives.
Best Regards

Shri Sanjeeva Salian
Education Committee