Vision, Mission & Values


“ To empower our students to grow up as independent, confident and committed human beings who will contribute to bring about positive and progressive change in the society, country and the whole world."


“Deliver excellent and holistic education for overall development of the students and strive for their continual development in our endeavor in making them quality human beings and responsible citizens of our nation.”

Our Values

Along with the pursuit of academic excellence MVMIS is proud of the outstanding pastoral care provided for all students and also proud of the traditions and core values that underpin all that goes on at the school. Combining the culture, energy and dynamism that have stood the test of time, we are determined to remain a number one school and a beacon of excellence where people matter and the whole MVMIS community, pupils, staff and parents, work together to develop young people who are confident yet compassionate, courageous and curious. We are driven by a desire to share, innovate and succeed in all aspects of learning and for our students to develop a lifelong love of learning. These developments will offer MVMIS students, exclusive access to a broad range of exciting academic and extracurricular options.