Officiating Principal's Welcome

Dear parents and students of MVM International School,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for entrusting me to be our School's new Principal. It is with great honour, responsibility and resolve that I join you in our school improvement journey as we go from strength to strength. I would also like to state my and the staff's commitment to ensuring high quality education with our Primary focus on improving student's outcome.

To share a little about my educational background, I have been an educationist for just over twenty years. I have explored many mnemonic codes and word linking techniques to make the teaching-learning journey enjoyable. I am passionate about and committed to student progress and achievement. School's improvement and stakeholder's satisfaction both are important for me being a life-long learner.

I believe in partnering and working closely with our key stake holders - our students, parents and staff - to shape and steer the strategic direction of our school in line with our Vision, Mission and Values. I ensure high standard and expectations for myself and others, the delivery of high quality curriculum and that best practices in education are embedded throughout the school community which results in improved and sustainable outcomes.

Since joining, it is evident that our school has established a vibrant learning culture in which our student's personal and social development, values of Indian personality and in society, passion for mastering knowledge as well as respect for the heritage and culture of India are key strengths. It is our aim to build upon these great strengths, further developing our student's engagement in and responsibility for their own learning. We can aim for our student's interaction, collaboration and communication skills to be those of model citizens and that their application of learning to India and the World over as well as their innovation, enterprise, enquiry, research, critical thinking and use of learning technologies will enable them to thrive and succeed as 21st century learners.

Mrs. Shilpa Anand Lokhande
Officiating Principal